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Infertility sucks!  Have you suffered from infertility?  Have you been diagnosed as having "unexplained infertilty" and are trying to conceive?  Do you want to stay pregnant after miscarriage? Are you trying to conceive after many failed IVF attempts? Have you experienced multiple IVF failure and recurrent miscarriage?  Are you up against the biological clock? Where do you turn? What do you do?

Baby Next Time is based on a true-life account of a woman's discovery of infertility at the age of 35. This is a compelling rollercoaster insight to the world of IVF exposing treatments and emotions over a nine year span. After many failed IVF attempts and experiencing multiple miscarriages, Nicole was determined to discover answers for her diagnosis of 'unexplained infertility' and to learn whether it would ever be possible to conceive and stay pregnant to have a healthy and successful pregnancy.  Written with humour on such a dark and taboo subject of miscarriage and infertility this honest account is directed to the many across the world in a similar predicament. The book was written in the hope that people will pursue to seek out the reasons for the most common complaint of "unexplained infertility" and to encourage those same people to never give up trying for a baby until all theories have fully been checked out. 

"It wasn't until I read Nicole's book that I truly understood the ins and outs of IVF. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  Penny Wohlstein

From author Nicole Klieff:  "You probably grew up like I did…Like any other young girl it was preached that little girls change shape, marry, have children and eventually enjoy being a grandmother.  

"Some twenty years later nothing prepared me for the anxieties of not being able to conceive or the disappointments of having miscarriages."

Go on the Baby Next Time journey with author Nicole Klieff.  From start to finish, you'll be entranced with one woman's determination to have her own child at any cost.  You'll experience the roller coaster ride of undergoing fertility treatments in her quest to have a baby.

George Ndukwe, M.D., “It is a really good book."

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